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Torrance city police arrested two individuals on Friday night who were connected to an alleged car vandalism and yelling "white lives matter" as well as other racist gestures afterward.

CBSN Los Angeles reports that 29-year-olds Gregory and Rachel Howell were arrested after video footage surfaced a few weeks prior on July 22 of the two yelling "white lives matter" and doing the Nazi salute. Rachel Howell can be heard in the video that circulated on social media saying "only white lives matter" and "white power" as she angrily walks back to her vehicle, followed by her husband doing the Nazi salute gesture as well.

After that, the two reportedly went back to their car to grab a shovel in order to strike the other vehicle they were engaging with. The victim of this vehicle assault filed a police report the following morning, and it was then investigated as a hate crime. It is not fully clear what prompted the two racists to engage with the victim in the first place.

It's been more than two months since protests began across the country after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, and they have not stopped. Portland has been a hotbed of police brutality and violence against the protesters there, as the tension has steadily increased since demonstrations began.