A heated exchange broke out at a Minnesota Walmart this weekend, after a white couple appeared at the store wearing swastika face coverings.

The incident reportedly occurred Saturday, one day after the state's mask mandate went into effect. A viral video shows the man and woman at a cash register as other customers confront them over the insensitive stunt.

"You're sick," a man behind the camera is heard telling the couple. "You have an illness. You can’t be American and wear that mask. You cannot. We literally had a war about this."

The woman flips off the man before claiming she was just trying to warn people about the threat Joe Biden poses to the country.

"I’m not a Nazi. I’m trying to tell people what’s going to happen in America," she said, referring to a potential Biden presidency. "If you vote for Biden, you are going to be in Nazi Germany. That’s what it is going to be like ... socialism is gonna happen in America."

"The Nazis lost. Please don’t wear those masks," the man filming said. ".... You’re sick. Turn off the Fox News and wake up."

This isn't the first time people have "protested" mask policies by wearing offensive face coverings. A San Diego man also donned a swastika mask while shopping at a Santee Food 4 Less back in May. According to KUSI, officers were called to the store and demanded the man to remove the symbol, to which he complied.

"Sheriff’s investigators will continue to look into the matter," local authorities said in a statement. "The Sheriff’s Department does not condone hate or acts of intolerance. We are a county that is welcoming of people from all backgrounds."

Saturday's incident in Minnesota ignited outrage across social media, with many condemning Walmart for allowing the couple to enter the store with the Nazi masks. Walmart has yet to publicly address the matter.

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