In order to maintain the safety of its customers and staff, McDonald's as well as Chipotle and other food chains plan to incorporate a new mask policy for those buying food inside the restaurant.

CNN reports that starting on Aug. 1 McDonald's will have 100 percent of its restaurants require customers to wear masks. In the event that someone declines or does not have one, they have also created new policies that they will be enforcing to remedy that as well.

"In those situations where a customer declines to wear a face covering, we'll put in place additional procedures to take care of them in a friendly, expedited way," McDonald's said, also saying that employees will be trained "to ensure they are prepared to address this new policy in a friendly and positive way."

In regards to customers who refuse to wear a mask, McDonald's created designated locations within the restaurant for them to order and wait for their food that is away from the other customers with masks.

Other food chains like Starbucks have also begun administrating new rules to fit the more health and safety-conscious world. If a customer is not wearing a mask inside a Starbucks, employees have been told to encourage them to wait outside or in their car, offer them a mask or offer a free drink the next time they come if they are wearing one. With cases of COVID-19 still rising across the country, these chains are still taking the pandemic seriously by continuing to create measures that ensure that masks are being worn in their establishments.