Photos taken of Mark Zuckerberg on an electric surfboard in Hawaii have acquired a notable amount of attention for reasons related to neither the surfboard nor Hawaii. Instead, the topics of discussion revolve around the amount of sunscreen the Facebook head honcho has applied to his face, and also his literal ass...which ain't looking too bad these days.

Do hip thrusts and take skin cancer seriously, those would be the lessons to take away from here. 

Now god only knows how many millions of people minding their business have gone viral, been vilified or bullied through social media, so Zuckerberg being mocked for looking like a mime, the Joker, or one of the Wayans brothers in White Chicks without a wig on doesn't engender a whole lot of sympathy. Social media thrives on unsolicited opinions about stupid shit. reap what you sow. 

But, like we said, about half the comments come from people tweeting about Zuck right now seem to be about his ass (and they're definitely not all insults) so maybe he's coming out all right here? You be the judge:

Anyway, as he should be aware if he has any familiarity with his own industry, the news cycle for this shit should blow over and be replaced in 10 hours or so. For him, not sure if that's good or bad.