A 30-year-old man in San Antonio, Texas died on Saturday night after reportedly attending a "COVID party," which is apparently an event where people who think the pandemic is a hoax attend with someone who had tested positive to compete to see who can "catch the virus first." Clearly, we have reached an all-time low.

ABC NY reported that Dr. Jane Appleby, the chief medical officer for Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children's Hospital in San Antonio where the man died, was told by the patient prior that he believed the pandemic was a hoax."He thought he was young and he was invincible and wouldn't get affected ... One of the things that was heart-wrenching that he said to his nurse was, 'I think I made a mistake,'" Dr. Appleby said.

These "COVID parties" appear to be running off the previously conceived notion that only older people are very susceptible to the virus, and that younger people have a less likely chance of contracting it. This, of course, has since been debunked. A USA Today analysis found that those under the age of 45 made up 42% of cases before Memorial Day weekend, but now makeup 55% of cases reported since then.

Dr. Appleby also noted that she's seen more coronavirus patients in their 20s and 30s lately, and urges those in Texas to wear masks at all times and try to avoid large social gatherings because this pandemic is not over. In Texas alone, 10,000 people have been hospitalized for the first time, and it recorded 10,000 new cases in a single day, including 95 new deaths reported on Friday.