Burger chain Wendy's found itself in hot water this week, following reports that it had donated around $440,000 towards Donald Trump's reelection campaign. 

According to Business Insider, James Boldenstedt, CEO of Muy Cos.—which owns Wendy's, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut—met with Trump on Monday afternoon and took part in a roundtable discussion regarding the reopening of restaurants. The Muy Cos. CEO reportedly donated over $400,000 in total towards Trump's reelection campaign dating back to 2018, most recently donating $200,000 back in March. It wasn't long before #WendysIsOverParty was trending on Twitter. 

Known to be very interactive on social media, the Wendy's Twitter account addressed these claims on Wednesday night, refuting any allegiance towards Trump or his reelection campaign and responding to some people's questions.

"Our voice would be nothing without Black culture," the fast-food chain tweeted. "Right now, a lot of people are hurting because of blatant racism against Black people. Their voices need to be heard. Period."

It would go on to describe how it plans to donate $500,000 towards social justice reform as well, and how it plans to use its platform to amplify black voices.

When asked via Twitter about the alleged donations it made toward the Trump reelection campaign, Wendy's tweeted: "We never have and will never contribute to a presidential campaign. For the record our CEO has always kept that same energy too. Facts."

It then continued to reaffirm the fact that it never donated any money towards the Trump campaign as the night progressed.