An Oklahoma man is being praised for his allyship after the sharing of footage showing the results of a confrontation with a racist at a Supercuts.

According to @ReavisHammond8, the incident occurred roughly two years ago and began with a man who walked into the Supercuts location and used a racial slur.

"Who's listening to this n****r music?" the man is said to have asked before ultimately using the n-word three more times.

Upon paying for his cut, Reavis confronted the racist, with footage showing that this quickly escalated into a situation in which he had to act in self-defense by getting the racist to the ground and holding him there.

Prior to the confrontation turning physical, the racist is heard repeatedly mentioning going outside to fight. Reavis, meanwhile, attempts to tell the racist he merely wanted to discuss the use of the n-word. The racist, however, proceeds to threaten him.

Reavis later added a bit more context to the incident in subsequent tweets, noting that he does indeed have wrestling experience and that he did not catch any charges thanks to some quick action on his part. According to him, "detectives watched the same video" and ultimately concluded that he acted in self-defense.

The video, originally shared Wednesday, has been widely commended:

And just to be clear: