Many officials suspect that agitators have descended on cities to hijack the cause and instigate protesters. Now, TMZ has obtained footage that shows police officers could be in on this ploy as well. 

On Monday, TMZ released a video showing a woman spray-painting a business in downtown Los Angeles. The white woman was writing "BLM"—which is short for "Black Lives Matter"—in black spray paint on the storefront's windows. Although a squad car was right beside her and the police officers were watching her out of their vehicles, they did not stop or apprehend the woman. In fact, they encouraged her to add to the message. 

The officers can be heard telling her to write "Floyd" on the windows in reference to George Floyd. She quickly obliged by repeating "Floyd" and then tagging it on the store. The police also appear to be telling her how to correctly spell his name.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to TMZ that they are aware of the video and are now investigating the incident. This video has started to make its rounds on the internet, sparking outrage from people who believe that certain demographics are taking to the streets in hopes to incite violence and dampen the message.