George Floyd’s family attorney said he was told that the three other police officers who were involved in his murder will also reportedly be charged.

The lawyer, Ben Crump, told the Today Show that officials have told Floyd’s family about the incoming charges. “We heard that they expect to charge those officers...We understand they will be charged. That is what the family is hearing from the authorities and [Floyd] died on the scene and that's important to note,” Crump said on Tuesday.

Crump also said that the inconsistencies between the county’s autopsy of Floyd and the independent autopsy ordered by Floyd’s family will be “critical” to the case. The county autopsy reported that Floyd died from cardiac arrest and latent health issues, while the independent report said that the 46-year-old’s health was in good standing. It further explained that Floyd died by “homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain.”

Crump added that he foresees charges against the primary offending officer, Derek Chauvin to be raised to first-degree murder. “I think it's very likely the charges are going to be upgraded...Why is it when a white police kills a black person in America, we act like it’s such a difficult thing to charge them with what we would be charged with?” Crump asked.

During the examination for the independent autopsy, investigators discovered that Chauvin’s weight on Floyd’s back and neck, combined with handcuffs and the way he was positioned heavily impacted his diaphragm. Chauvin has since been charged with murder in the 3rd degree and manslaughter in the 2nd degree.