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At least eight people were wounded following a shooting that took place in a San Antonio bar's parking lot Friday night following an altercation involving an "inebriated" man who had been turned away from the establishment just moments prior.

San Antonio police chief William McManus stated in his briefing on Saturday that law enforcement is searching for the gunman now, as he fled the scene of the crime following the shooting. The gunman was also reportedly with a small group of men before the shooting. The group was denied entrance into the bar, Rebar, because they were too "inebriated," the police chief said.

The chief would go on to say that apparently after this, one of the members of the group responded to them being turned away by saying: “Don’t you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter from California.”

That same man allegedly went back to his vehicle, grabbed a rifle, and began shooting at people in the parking lot. Five women and three men were injured during the shooting, but chief McManus said all victims are currently in stable condition at a local hospital.

The shooter is still at large, but investigators are reviewing surveillance footage to identify the suspect and get more details on what happened. 

Chief McManus also said that he doesn't think there is any risk to the nearby area. Rebar is also very close to the San Antonia international airport.