The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that up to 39 percent of Americans have misused bleach and other cleaning products during the coronavirus pandemic. In a new study, which surveyed more than 500 people last month, the CDC reported that 1 in 3 adults used chemicals or disinfectants unsafely to try and protect themselves from the virus. 

As per the study, 39 percent of those polled admitted to washing food products with bleach, or applying disinfectant products to bare skin. This percentage also includes those who intentionally inhaled these same products. While an undoubtedly disturbing statistic, the study comes over a month after Trump suggested "injecting disinfectant" to cure the viru

The breakdown is as follows: 19 percent of people also said they used bleach on food items, while 18 percent used household cleaning products on hands or skin. Another 10 percent admitted to spraying the products on their bodies, while four percent admitted to drinking or gargling diluted bleach solutions or soapy water. Obviously, the CDC has stated that these are all highly dangerous things to be doing, and could cause serious health issues.

The CDC also advised individuals to wear gloves when using these items, but only 71 percent said that they did, while only 68 percent said they knew to wash their hands after using such products.