Two suspects were arrested this morning following a wild and chaotic car chase with police in South Los Angeles. 

A male driver and a female passenger were driving in what is suspected to be a stolen Dodge pick-up truck during the hot pursuit at 11am this morning. 

The driver of the pick-up truck somehow managed to dodge road spikes, barricades, and maneuver his way through traffic as he ran from the LAPD. This is all the while pedestrians and onlookers watched the chase unfold from the sidewalk.

The truck was able to evade police for nearly two hours as it drove in circles up and down the streets of South L.A. The driver of the pick-up truck found himself driving on the wrong side of the road several times during the pursuit, and at the peak of the chase he even ran into an oncoming vehicle on the 110 Freeway as well.

Eventually the rear left tire of the vehicle was blown out, and after somehow even being able to drive on its axel for a good 10 minutes until it began to catch on fire, the vehicle was stopped and the two suspects were apprehended after attempting to escape on foot. As you can see from the flight radar info below, the chase all took place in the same area, with the driver going in circles around South LA.

It is still unknown what the driver's motive was to engage in such a long-winded pursuit. 

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