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Since most sensible people across the United States are wearing masks when shopping, two shoplifters took it upon themselves to steal with bizarre homemade headgear. TMZ reports that two individuals in Louisa, Virginia stole from a gas station convenience store about a week ago with hollowed-out watermelons on their heads. 

While two people were responsible for the theft, one suspect has since been arrested. Louisa police chief Tom Leary said 20-year-old Justin Rogers was arrested and booked for misdemeanor larceny of alcohol, misdemeanor possession of alcohol by an underage person, and felony prohibition of wearing a mask in public.

Both individuals were caught on surveillance video in the store. Shortly after making off with a number of items, they drove away in a lifted 2006 Toyota Tacoma. As the police department revealed, the larceny suspects both cut holes out for their eyes.

Police are still looking for the other person involved and have asked for help from the public in identifying the other melon-equipped thief. As of right now, it appears neither individual used weapons during the incident. It's unclear what they made off with besides alcohol, or why they were allowed in the store with their budget Batman villain masks to begin with.

Check out photos from the surveillance footage above via the Louisa Police Department's Facebook page.