Wear a mask, fuckers.

In recent days, a video has gone unfathomably viral in which an individual shopping at a Costco is seen having his cart taken away while being told to exit the establishment due to his equal parts selfish and idiotic refusal to wear a mask for COVID-19 containment reasons.

"I'm not doing it because I woke up in a free country," the man, who self-filmed the exchange with a Costco employee, says in the clip. Later, he calls the employee a "pussy little bitch" as his shopping cart is taken from him. As for his refusal to just put on a goddamn mask, the individual says to the camera that he's "not a fucking sheep," whatever the fuck that means.

Unfortunately, the shopper who swears he isn't a sheep later addressed the Costco kick-out in a video shared to Reddit.

"This isn’t about the mask," the would-be Costco customer and alleged non-sheep said, per TMZ. "It's about control, okay? You need to get that through your thick heads . . . Yes, this is a partisan issue. So leave me your fucking comments."

Sadly, this sheep-obsessed individual isn't totally alone when it comes to matters of mask-wearing. Mike Pence, for example, spurred a whole hashtag centered around idiocy late last month after declining to wear a mask during a tour of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

While we all delve deeper into existential anguish, let's enjoy the celebration of the aforementioned Costco employee who simply wasn't putting up with the bullshit on an otherwise mundane virus era shopping day: