Most restaurants have had to change the way they serve food to the public to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing rules, and now Burger King have come up with their own quirky way to put this in place with their new 3-foot-long social distancing crowns.

If you're familiar with Burger King restaurants, you will have definitely seen the famous cardboard crowns given out within branches, but this new version—which launched this month in Germany—has been made a lot wider to prevent customers from getting too close to each other.

"We wanted to reinforce the rules of high safety and hygiene standards that the BK restaurants are following," Burger King told Business Insider. "The do-it-yourself social-distance crown was a fun and playful way to remind our guests to practice social distancing while they are enjoying food in the restaurants."

The new social distancing hats are folded and given out with takeaway meals in some German stores. Snap shots of some hats were posted on social media for fans to get a good look of what's in store:

This is only one of the interesting moves by Burger King in recent times, with a new 'Social Distancing Whopper' being introduced in Italy. It seems that the franchise is doing all it can to keep the world safe and positive, though nothing has been confirmed as to whether they'll be doing a worldwide rollout.