It's been well over a month since any of us have gone to anything even resembling a party—unless you went to that house party in Chicago—because of the rapid spread of COVID-19. And based on the actions of police departments all over the country, that might have been the last part we'll see for a while (thank goodness).

According to TMZ, police departments in major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City are reportedly planning on cracking down on large social gatherings that are in direct violation of the social distancing requests that are currently in place. And in an effort to try and curb any large functions, cops are reportedly planning on keeping an eye on social media and live streams as a way of tracking whether or not people are breaking the rules. 

To put this in perspective, one of the possible reasons that the huge party in Chicago—which Chicago PD said had nearly 100 people in attendance—was shut down, was because of the videos that went viral on social media.

The NYPD has reportedly already issued 190 summons and made around 22 arrests thus far due to people violating social distancing requests, the LAPD has cited 41 and arrested 3, and the Chicago PD has issued 13 citations and 18 arrests over gatherings with an excessive amount of people.