The U.S. State Department has cautioned Americans from traveling internationally by issuing its highest travel advisory yet, due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

The Level 4 travel advisory for traveling overseas looks to be unheard-of, as it is the most extreme warning the department can give, Politico reports. “In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period,” the alert said.

It continued, “Many countries are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and implementing travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, closing borders, and prohibiting non-citizens from entry with little advance notice.”

“Airlines have canceled many international flights and several cruise operators have suspended operations or canceled trips. If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans may be severely disrupted, and you may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite timeframe.”

While many U.S. citizens are stuck abroad, U.S. lawmakers are asking how the State Department can help; however, it looks like citizens shouldn’t count on the government for aid. “Have a travel plan that does not rely on the U.S. government for assistance,” the travel advisory tells Americans who have chosen to go overseas or are there.

On Thursday, the State Department announced that U.S. passport agencies “will only accept applications from customers with life-or-death emergencies who plan to travel within 72 hours,” Politico writes. Prior to this, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had raised the travel advisory to Level 3, which recommended Americans reevaluate international travel. On March 11, Donald Trump suspended travel from Europe for the next 30 days.

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