As you may have noticed, it's hard not to feel as though everything around us is quite literally fucked for the foreseeable future. And while the headlines remain focused on the continued effects of coronavirus-related fuckeries, including the recently announced diagnosis of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, 2020 has also been defined thus far by a more general feeling of shittiness that many (understandably) can't seem to shake.

Naturally, this widespread woe has inspired many to publicly ponder what an alternate version of (or quasi-sequel to) our planet might offer. Indeed, behind the "Earth 2" topic, many are getting jokes off in a time of sporadic confusion and ultimately lifting the national mood in the process:

Some have used the opportunity to share more literal takes on the idea of Earth 2, i.e. via discussions of the DC Multiverse-housed parallel world of the same name or the NBC series also of the same name, but the bulk of those Earth 2-ing it up as of Thursday morning sticking with a more jokes-oriented approach.

All that to say, here are some tweets: