If there's one thing the people of Kansas City loath more than the Raiders, it's confusing them with being from the state of Kansas. Unfortunately for President Trump, he committed this Midwestern cardinal sin.

The Chiefs capped off a historic season by bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Kansas City. Not only did this end a 50-year drought, but it also earned Andy Reid his first Super Bowl ring. As customary following every massive sporting event, President Trump decided to congratulate the Chiefs via Twitter. While a simple "Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for winning Super Bowl LIV" would have sufficed, Trump decided to add his own flair to it. In the process, he incorrectly placed the city of Kansas City, Missouri in Kansas City, Kansas. 

"Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for a great game and fantastic comeback," the now-deleted tweet reads. "You represent the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA so very well."

In Trump's defense, Kansas City, Missouri borders Kansas City, Kansas, but the team plays at Arrowhead Stadium, which is located on the Missouri side. One would expect the President of the United States (or his public relations team) to know this.

As a result, this blunder got him skewered by people that saw the erroneous tweet. 

Trump has since corrected the tweet, congratulating the great State of Missouri.