An Atlanta man posed as a gay man so he could convince victims to come to his home, where he would "violently" rape them, the Fulton County District Attorney's office reports.

Prosecutors revealed details Tuesday of the incident that 36-year-old Taurence Callagain was convicted of in September 2015. Per authorities, Callagain met an unnamed woman at a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority station. The two struck up a conversation and eventually exchanged information. 

"They rode the same train and eventually exchanged numbers," Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard explained. "The victim is a lesbian and has a female partner who she was in a relationship with when she met the defendant."

Callagain was able to gain her trust by insisting that he wasn't interested in women. They developed a relationship that the victim believed was strictly platonic. On the night of the attack, the woman missed her bus, prompting Callagain to offer her a ride so she didn't have to walk more than a mile to her home. 

During the ride, Callagain made a detour to his apartment under the guise of them smoking marijuana together. Instead, he "violently" raped the victim, telling her that he would call his friends if she tried to resist. 

"I will get my boys to come in and hold you down," Callagain said per Howard. 

The woman allegedly overheard another man's voice in the home so she took the threat seriously. After the incident, she was able to escape Callagain's apartment. She then ran nearly three miles to her home. She was able to describe Callagain's apartment to the police and the type of underwear he wore during the incident which was found in his hamper.

Callagain claimed the interaction was consensual. Other than a pending aggravated assault case in Fulton County, he has no prior criminal history. Callagain has yet to be sentenced for the rape. 

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