On Sunday, an enterprising young Girl Scout troop composed of six and seven-year-olds was spotted posting up outside a Chicago marijuana dispensary in order to cash in on Illinois' recent legalization of cannabis, which went into effect on January 1. This move, captured by...someone with a phone, follows a similar idea pursued by scouts in California and Colorado. Damn, they really are wise beyond their years:

Block Club Chicago reports that the youngsters contacted the store, Dispensary33, in order to get the go-ahead to do this, with the business "happily" obliging with that request. 

Abigail Watkins, the marketing and outreach manager for Dispensary33, said that those girls were one of a few local troops that had talked to them about setting up shop there. She added that their customers reacted positively to the booth, and that workers at the store stopped by during their breaks.

The current plan is to have different troops outside that business selling cookies over the upcoming weekends when the store's traffic is at its most dense (which is apparently between 9 a.m. and noon). As for prospective customers, the GM for the store, Paul Lee, says that they do business with more than 500 people per day. 

“The cookies they’re selling and our clientele, it’s a great match,” Watkins said. “As a former Girl Scout, I admire the hustle.”

Boxes retailed for five bucks each.

“People were having fun,” she added. “Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies. They were undeniably cute.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, the girls sold roughly 230 boxes on Sunday. Unless you were a Girl Scout, you probably aren't sure if that's a lot or not. The Tribune adds that one of the girls' moms called it a "decent sale," but that it didn't match the 450 boxes they unloaded outside of a local restaurant last year.

So, uh, now you have some idea.

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