The stripper who went viral after falling from a 15-foot pole is optimistic about the unfortunate situation.

On Friday, Genea Sky sat down with Wendy Williams to discuss the incident. Genea's appearance on the show followed her surgery, so her mouth was wired shut. Still, she channeled her inner Kanye West to explain how she felt about the incident through the wires. 

"No, I'm done," Sky said when asked if she would go back to stripping at the clip's 5:16 minute mark. "I'm taking this as a blessing. I've been praying to get out of the strip club for a very long time."

Sky says that he's in esthetician school and she'll focus on that career path rather than stripping once she's healed.

The video of her falling went viral on social media. Although she responded with a post thanking people for their support, Sky took this opportunity on The Wendy Williams Show to condemn people that dehumanize strippers and sex workers.

"As a dancer, we get dehumanized all the time," Sky said. "I had people in my DMs telling me that I should've died. They wish I did ... My story getting into dancing, I grew up in a single-parent home pretty much and I saw an opportunity to branch out and be on my own."

When Sky's accident was first reported, it was unclear if the club owners would offer her financial assistance. She told Wendy that she was able to get in contact with the company's general manager. The club is offering to foot some of the bills, but she doesn't say how much of the total cost they will cover. So to help Sky transition from stripping to scholastics, Wendy and her show gave Sky a $10,000 scholarship.