Wendi Williams has taken her grievance with American Airlines, one of their flight attendants, and a certain passenger to Twitter, claiming that she was assaulted by the man seated behind her because he was continuously punching the back of her seat. 

Williams said that she was traveling in an American Eagle aircraft, a subsidiary of American Airlines, from New Orleans to Charlotte, N.C. when the incident occurred. She initially reclined her seat, leaving the passenger sitting behind her in some tight confines in what appears to be the last row of the plane. He asked her to return her seat to the upright position, so he could have some space to eat. 

Williams said obliged only to recline again once she noticed that he was finished eating. "At that point, he started hammering away at me," she claims. Hammering away? Punching? It sounds pretty bad, check out video of the incident for yourself below.  

Williams said when she notified a flight attendant, the person sympathized more with the other passenger's crammed situation, telling him that it was "tight back there," and even offering him a drink. 

When Williams contacted American Airlines, they apologized, but she wasn't satisfied with their handling of the flight attendant's behavior towards her, so she—and we're serious—threatened to contact the FBI, and press charges against her fellow passenger. 

This incident has split the room between people who sympathize with Williams' experience and those who criticize her for being inconsiderate and reclining in the first place.