A puppy in North Carolina is the talk of the town after he was born with lime green fur.

Shana Stamey told local outlet WIS News 10 that their white German shepherd Gypsy gave birth to eight puppies on Friday, and the fourth puppy came out a little different than the others.

"I started freaking out because it was green," she told the news outlet.

They named the puppy Hulk. Other than the color of his fur, the puppy, along with all of his siblings were healthy. "He was lime green and super mad, so yeah, he became Hulk," she said.

So what was the cause of the pup's unique color? Suzanne Cianiciulli, a veterinarian technician at Junaluska Animal Hospital, told the news station that the coloring stems from meconium, which is the "infant mammal’s earliest stool." Ew.

"The sack that they’re in when they’re in their mom, there can be meconium in there, and that tends to stain them,” she explained. Ultimately, the coloring will go away, so the pup won't be stained by poop for too long.

Because people on Twitter have to argue about everything, Twitter users began to debate the true color of Hulk: