Oregon marijuana sales on the Idaho border are an estimated 420 percent higher than the state average.

While Oregon is a recreational weed state, Idaho is not, an unfortunate reality for Idahoans that makes the higher-than-average sales along the states’ border possible. The fitting stat comes from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis (OEA) by way of CNN.

"The border effect is real," Josh Lehner, an OEA economist, wrote in an explainer published earlier this month. "Both Oregon and Washington see a clear impact in higher recreational marijuana sales along the Idaho border than can be explained by local socio-economic factors. Now, this does not mean that all of those larger sales are necessarily to Idahoans. It could be other customers maybe traveling from further away or from elsewhere within our state who are traveling through."

Lehner added that, obviously, legal weed sales are expected to increase in the years ahead. Specifically, Lehner cited forecast figures that place that increase for the next decade at approximately 80 percent. 

As for 420-centered news, Elon Musk once again entered the world of weed news with a timely joke about his infamous "funding secured" tweet from 2018. Just as Tesla stock hit a new company record of $420 per share, Musk pleased fans on Twitter by remarking "Whoa … the stock is so high lol."

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