A Tennessee Burger King customer seeking out some fast food allegedly got an unwelcome surprise in the form of having a gun pulled on her by a BK employee after hitting up the drive-thru on New Year's Day, according to reports

The customer says that this jolt to start the year came after she complained that the Memphis-based restaurant messed up her order by charging her too much. This reportedly happened around 1 P.M. Police say that the suspect, 38-year-old Oderrial Moore-Williams, preceded pulling out her gun by also swearing and yelling at the customer. 

In a police report, the victim claimed that she faked the act of pulling something out of her backseat out of fear after four employees rushed her car and started yelling at her. A witness adds that they saw the victim reach below the driver's seat, but that the victim didn't actually grab anything. According to WMC Action News, that same witness says that they saw Moore-Williams put the gun in a bag before handing it to another woman, who then drove away with it. Police were reportedly able to get the gun when that woman came back.

A Burger King employee who was working at the time, identified only as J.P., summed it up thusly: "It's like the very first day of the year, so it's a very bad way to start the year."

Wise words. 

JP adds that Moore-Williams was actually a manager. "My boss asked her to leave, she would not leave,” JP added.

Employee Germany Parker says that the event went down like this: "We was still on the inside. [The alleged victim] came back in the inside starting stuff, kept talking. And my boss asked her to leave. She would not leave."

Anyway Moore-Williams has been fired and will now face an aggravated assault charge. She's set to face a judge on Friday.