Burger King Employees Arrested for Selling Weed to Customers Who Asked For 'Extra Crispy' Fries

Two Burger King employees in New Hampshire were caught selling marijuana to customers.

Mike Mozart

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Mike Mozart

Two New Hampshire Burger King employees have been busted for drug-dealing through the fast food establishment. Garrett “Nasty Boy” Norris (yep, Nasty Boy), 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were allegedly selling marijuana to customers who requested their fries to be made “extra crispy.” Norris was an employee and Dearborn was an assistant manager.

Upon the order, the two employees would hand the weed through the drive-thru window to their customers, according to Seacoast Online, which has the full report of the fast-food drug bust. This Burger King is located in tiny Epping, NH, with a population of just over 6,000.

How long this BK drug-dealing went on is unknown. The wild, straight-out-of-a-movie shtick was thwarted when a policeman caught wind of it.

Saturday, the undercover policeman pulled up to the drive-thru, asked if Nasty Boy was working, and placed an order, making sure to order his fries “extra crispy.” Norris then handed him his order, followed by a coffee cup filled with weed.

Both Norris, who was found to have marijuana stored in his personal property, and Dearborn face charges, and both were released on $2,500 bail. They’ll be arraigned Feb. 22.

Norris faces charges of possession of an unlawful substance and intent to distribute, while Dearborn has been charged with conspiracy to distribute and unlawful possession of alcohol.

As Vice pointed out, Norris and Dearborn might look to take their act to Oregon, where the nation’s first drive-thru recreational marijuana shop was opened.

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