A guy with great faith in both himself and the current job market has been fired from his position as a substitute teacher after he allegedly smoked pot in front of the high school class he was temporarily heading up.

This brazen act reportedly occurred on Monday afternoon at North Attleboro High School in Massachusetts. And it was put to an end when students who were watching this go down quickly reported it to school higher-ups. 

It's unclear how he saw this playing out.

The school's principal, Peter Haviland, put out a statement after this thing that he could not have possibly seen coming happened. 

"The incident at North Attleborough High School was entirely unexpected and unprecedented," Haviland said. 

He also tried to find a positive by commending the kids who told on their teacher. 

"The quick actions of the students to report their concerns is an accurate reflection of the values of this school and community and serves as comforting evidence demonstrating that our students share and uphold these common values of safety and appropriateness within our school," he added. “It was their quick decisions to report the concerns which allowed our school to immediately intervene and remove the individual who created the unsafe environment.”

“We are proud of our students and grateful to them for the level of maturity and courage they showed during this unfortunate and unprecedented experience.”

ABC6 also reports that Haviland had to send out a letter about this alleged shitshow to parents. That letter provided the added detail that the teacher had been "leading conversations" to the class about smoking pot. 

"During the course of the school day several students reported that a substitute teacher had been leading conversations in a classroom about smoking marijuana and was observed using marijuana in front of students in the same classroom," Haviland wrote. 

He says that the school was quickly able to confirm the allegations, and that the teacher was fired on the spot. In addition to losing future paychecks from the school the teacher also won't be allowed on campus premises "for any reason." 

On top of this banning it's not yet clear if the teacher, who is thus far unnamed, will be facing criminal charges. The incident remains under investigation.

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