A Florida waitress is grateful that a Christmas miracle allowed her to buy gifts for her friends and family members.

Lynette Baio received a $2,000 tip on Christmas Eve from a couple she served; she told the pair about the financial problems she was having after spending that amount on car repairs. The left a message that read "Merry Christmas and restore your savings. God bless you," according to FOX 13 News. The couple were regulars at the Speggtacular in Clearwater, Florida where she had been working for five years.

“They started to walk out and I picked it up and I was like, 'What?' and I started crying and he started crying and she starting crying and it was just totally amazing," a bewildered Baio told the news outlet.

The waitress told FOX 13 News that she lost her husband two years ago, so she's had trouble heading finances by herself. But the generous tip she's received from the couple has inspired her to pay it forward.

"I'm gonna honor their words and I'm going to pay it forward someday and I'm going to let God bless me enough to do it," she said.

It's nice to hear good news come out of Florida for a change. 

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