In the latest edition of Complex News Presents, Residente breaks down the difficulties at the core of the United States government's relationship with Puerto Rico, detailing everything from the 2017 botching of hurricane assistance efforts to the recent protests that gripped headlines.

"When I talk about the U.S., I'm talking about the government specifically," Residente told host Speedy Morman. "Because the people, I have friends from here. I like it here. It's fine. It's just, I would like to be, like, you guys, you know? Independent."

Elaborating further, Residente pointed out the unfair political implications of Puerto Rico's classification in relation to voting rights.

"We can't vote for the president so we depend on you guys. . . So, I think that's completely, not only unfair, but it's kind of like being slaves, you know, almost," he said.

Watch the full episode up top, which also sees Residente discussing "Cántalo," his recent collaboration with Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin.