Rakevion White, a black 21-year-old Arizona State University student, was given a food order with the n-word on it from his restaurant coworkers. In an Instagram post this week, White showed the slip, which said "n***a order." He has since complained to his manager, but as a result he has since seen his hours dropped.

"This ticket order was sent into to me by two of my coworkers on October 22nd at the Breakfast Club- Cityscape," White wrote of the racist order he received on Instagram. "Apparently this was a hysterical joke about myself that everyone including management thought was ok because the two employees were 'Only joking.' Now I’ve been called way worse in my life but if you know me, one thing I don’t do is tolerate disrespect. But my employer allowed me to disrespected and humiliated by my coworkers."

He said it has been almost four weeks since the incident took place, but there has been "no disciplinary action" taken against those responsible. "Furthermore, since this has taken place not only myself but other black employees hours have been reduced and they have not let us serve as waiters," he added, which has made it almost impossible to get tips. "For future references please be mindful of the companies that you support!"

Speaking to BuzzFeed, White said both his coworkers and management have been "making of the situation." He started working at the Phoenix restaurant in February. When he approached his coworker who was serving the bar where the order came from, he asked her to remove it but she simply laughed and told him she didn't know how to remove it. "It made me feel uncomfortable because it’s like, OK well, you're pretty much saying it's acceptable but since they explained to you that they were joking then I should be OK with it," he said. 

Since reporting the incident, White has had his hours cut from 25 hours per week to around 14 to 18, he said. "I'm pretty much not making any money working there," White explained. The two employees involved with the order have received "write ups" on their employee accounts, but have not been suspended for their actions. 

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