Over the past few weeks, discussion on social media has been dominated by chicken sandwiches. People were comparing different restaurants after Popeyes launched a new sandwich before the discourse devolved into madness. Regardless, Popeyes remained dominant: They reportedly got over $23 million worth of advertising for free off of social media hype alone. But this rise in popularitiy has had an unfortunate side effect for some.

As Dallas Eater reports, a chicken shortage is looming. A Dallas strip club has even lured patrons to its club by offering free Popeyes sandwiches to anyone who pays the entry fee, a particularly enticing offer as more and more restaurants struggle to keep up with demand.

People across the country have taken to social media to express their disappointment with Popeyes running out of chicken.

"I've been to THREE @PopeyesChicken (Raleigh, Durham, and one in Virginia) and each one is sold out of this chicken sandwich y'all keep raving about," one reporter wrote on Twitter.

Even Los Angeles Chargers Melvin Gordon couldn't get the prized sandwich.

Needless to say, the new sandwich is driving everyone a little crazy.