On July 4, an African American man was waiting for his friend outside an apartment building in San Francisco when a white man, alongside his son, approached him, asking to know the name of the friend he was waiting for and accusing him of "trespassing." Wesley Michel, a software engineer, filmed the encounter, in which the white man since identified as Christopher Cukor called the police despite his young son begging him not to. 

In the video, Cukor can be seen demanding Michel provide the name of his friend who lives in the apartment building. When he refuses, Cukor grabs his cell phone and begins dialing 911. As he's telling the police of the "trespasser," and giving them Michel's description, his son is yanking his sleeve saying "let's just go" and “I agree with him, daddy."

While filming, Michel warns Cukor that he will become the next white man to land a TV spot for calling the police on a black man for no reason. "Don't threaten me," Cukor then tells him. Throughout the exchange, the boy continues to plead with his father, telling him, “Daddy, let’s go. I don’t like this. Please daddy, let’s go.”

When Michel's friend arrives asking what's going on, Cukor removes himself from the door and tells the police operator that Michel was, in fact, waiting for his friend. 

Cukor has since deleted his social media, however, according to his LinkedIn, he's an executive for YouTube.