On Tuesday morning a woman "married" her dog live on the air of the ITV show This Morning. In addition to being an odd visual that's a lot more cringe-inducing when it's not in cartoon form, let it also serve as the first thing to point to when some snotty person tells you British humo(u)r is just a lot more sophisticated than American humor.

Here, watch the whole thing or watch 10 seconds and say "alright, I get where this is going":

As for background, the pet owner and new bride's name is Elizabeth Hoad, and she "married" (again, in quotes) her dog Logan after failing to find a Mr. Right that's human. The ceremony was a surprise thrown by higher-ups at This Morning as the show ended. HuffPost UK says Elizabeth was walked down the aisle by Eamonn Holmes, and the dog's best man was Kem Cetinay of Love Island.

The wedding was officiated by Alison Hammond, who may have made you wonder if this whole thing was legit when she said "If any persons here present has a bone of contention as to why they might not be joined together, I will now paws to let them speak (or bark), or forever hold their peace."

Some people on social media were dumbfounded by the event. If there's a silver lining it's that the expressing of public confusion over an embarrassing segment/joke is a step-up from directly @-ing her with messages that her ceremony is an affront to marriage. So perhaps progress has been made or perhaps she doesn't have Twitter. Either way, who cares.