A North Carolina man has filed a lawsuit against a Hardee's restaurant after he said the staff only gave him two hash browns in his small Hash Rounds order. As the Charlotte Observer reports, 58-year-old Tommy Martin says his civil rights were violated when he didn't get the usual amount. Martin believes he was unfairly given the smaller order because he is black.

"It’s not a money issue," he explained. "I just want to be treated fairly."

Martin said in his lawsuit that he was the victim of racial discrimination from the manager of the restaurant. He added that he pointed out the small amount of hash browns he received, and was then denied the usual serving size after complaining. The cashier was ready to give him a larger order, but the manager intervened.

"The manager came back and said that [is] what you get," he said.

"Got home with tear in mine [sic] eye. I have got to do something," Martin continued. Another customer at the restaurant reportedly told him that it was a good idea he checked on the order before he left the restaurant.

Martin was refunded for the Hash Rounds order, but plans to go forward with the lawsuit. CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc., the owner of Hardee's, has yet to respond.