A 4-year-old boy from a Minneapolis suburb snagged the keys to his great-grandfather's Hyundai Santa Fe so he could go buy candy, according to KMSP. Unfortunately for the elder, the SUV didn't look like that car ad-esque image above, it looked more like this dented version:

The preschooler, Niko Bellic, took the SUV to a Blaine, Minnesota convenience store roughly a mile-and-a-half from the driveway he started from. The incident occurred this past Wednesday morning in the midst of rush hour.

KMSP adds that he utilized his great-grandfather's walker to get the keys to the vehicle, which were hanging on one of those key hooks. The resourceful young troublemaker then backed his way out of the driveway and eventually made it to a four-lane road.

Witnesses say that his driving was erratic, and that he made it to his destination at somewhere between 10 and 15 MPH. Police caught up to him, but not before he hit some mailboxes and a tree. Also a piece of the vehicle's bumper was left in a neighbor's yard.

No one was hurt, including the very young driver.

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