Shaun McBride, better known on Snapchat and YouTube as Shonduras, shared footage on all of his socials of his wife Jenny taking a spill. The video was posted on YouTube, and initially titled "JENNY FELL OFF THE CLIFF.. scary moment for our family" before getting changed to "JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL.. scary moment for our family."

It was a slight alteration, but one that makes a huge difference when you consider that his wife's "near death" experience resulted in her sustaining scrapes and bruises after falling around 14 feet. Not quite the drop that you would imagine when someone says that they "fell off a cliff," right? But anyway, let's get back to the video. 

Shonduras' video starts with a bumper warning viewers of the clip's graphic nature. 

The first eight minutes of the 19-minute video (!) features Shaun and Jenny talking about their life-changing experience, and urging their viewers to live every day as if it was their last. With this much of a lead-in, this clip has to be shocking, and well, just watch the clip, taken from Shaun's since deleted Twitter post on the harrowing incident, below. 

The clip has already been turned into a joke.  

The Internet also hasn't been kind to Jenny and the man being referred to now as "Cliff Wife." 

Four types of conflict:

Wife vs Man (E-mail wife)
Wife vs. Nature (Cliff wife)
Wife vs Society (Curvy Wife)
Wife vs Self (Fake Wife Guy)

— Dan Sheehan (@ItsDanSheehan) May 29, 2019

please. my wife. she fell off a cliff.

— jonny sun (@jonnysun) May 26, 2019