Hey, you know that thing people do, where they see a seemingly sketchy story on Twitter but share it anyway with some commentary in the name of RT's? That happened again.

A viral story about a purported student who allegedly conned his way into free food from KFC for a whole damn year has continued to spread in recent days, per Business Insider South Africa.

The (not true) story goes something like this: A South African man currently enrolled in university had somehow managed to obtain the free food at various locations by pretending to be a quality inspector from corporate office. Despite the story's upfront unlikeliness (a year?!?!), it spread as far as CBS News before getting an official confirmation of fakeness from the chicken brand.

A KFC spokesperson confirmed in a subsequent statement that, due to the company's "strict operational processes," the story was an apparent fabrication. "Any unauthorized individuals posing as KFC team members in our restaurants and head office would have been picked up immediately," the spokesperson said Tuesday.

The company also shared several tweets in response to viral commentary on the story Monday, all pointing out that people had simply been duped by another unfortunate example of the fabricated nonsense machine.