After a Game of Thrones gaffe gave Starbucks (potentially) billions in free publicity, the coffeehouse chain is back in the news again, though this time not for something as positive.

The Blast reports that a lawsuit was filed against the company, accusing Starbucks of using pesticides containing chemicals harmful to humans in the stores for years. Court documents contain statements from a former employee and two pest control workers, who claim the compamy "has for years permitted the deployment of toxic chemicals in its stores, which infused not only the food products and fixtures, but also the very air circulated throughout its retail locations in Manhattan." At this time, it is unclear how many stores are affected.

Wigdor LLP, a law firm based in NYC, has filed a putative consumer class action suit against Starbucks. The firm's website details the suit, which alleges several stores "throughout Manhattan have been permeated with a toxic pesticide call Dichlorvos (2,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate or “DDVP”), which is highly poisonous and unfit for use in proximity to food, beverages and people."

DDVP is an active ingredient in Hot Shot No-Pest Strips, which are said to be found in many stores, despite warnings from experts. Wigdor LLP's website contains several pictures of the product in stores, many close to the food. They claim Starbucks has been made aware of the danger, but failed to take action.

In addition, a report from NY1 indicates that a second lawsuit has been filed, in which three individuals claimed to have been fired after making complaints about the threat.