UPDATED 4/23/19: The person in the bunny costume has been identified as Antoine McDonald, a 20-year-old man with a violent rap sheet.

According to the New York Post, McDonald is wanted in New Jersey on burglary charges stemming from a September 2018 incident. The publication reports he and an accomplice were allegedly captured on surveillance burglarizing a vehicle in South Brunswick. Authorities issued an arrest warrant for McDonald; however, he reportedly fled the state shortly after.

He is also suspected for carrying out two armed robberies back in Delaware back in 2017, and was named a "person of interest" in a carjacking and two armed robberies in Florida.

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Once you think you've heard the craziest story Florida has to offer, you're proven wrong by more hilarious content. The best example of this would be the news that an Easter Bunny in Orlando was caught on camera handing out a flurry of holiday haymakers. 

With the Easter festivities coming to a close, the good spirits brought by the holiday were quickly leaving downtown Orlando. After a man bumped into a woman, the two got into a heated argument. This altercation then turned physical when the man and woman began striking each other. While most onlookers decided to film the incident rather than help, a man in an Easter Bunny costume hopped into action.

From the footage, it is clear that the bunny had the drop on the man from the jump. He never lost the upper hand as he defended the woman until authorities were able to arrive on the scene.

After deescalating the situation, the police decided not to arrest the hero. In fact, it is said that the bunny was shadowboxing and gloating his victory as police detained the fighters. Despite threatening to take the suspects into custody, Orlando Police Department Sgt. David Baker revealed that no charges were filed as the result of the incident.

"The officer on-scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved," Baker said in a statement. "No arrests or reports were completed."