While people who frequently use Twitter have decided its role is going to be brand building via unsolicited opinions on politics and sports, every once in a while, the social media site tries to do something cute to break the monotony.

On Thursday, that something cute was wondering, "Which Florida man" are you? Frankly, there is a sh*t ton of excellent choices to pick from. You really can't go wrong. To determine this, participants were asked to post what comes up when they pair their birthday(s) with those two magic words:

Here's some greatest hits you may have previously laughed at, or at least pointed to at your lowest moment and said, "At least I'm not like this dude":

This seems like a good place (see: the bottom of the page) to add a buzzkill but relevant meme disclaimer: The Miami New Times argued that Florida's FOIA laws make it easier for journalists to acquire details about arrests that make for crazier stories in comparison with other states. Other places should follow suit.