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A Florida woman is facing neglect charges after her three-year-old son almost drowned in a hot tub while she was drunk, ABC News reports.

Apryl Connolly was with her two sons and her father in a hot tub at Perry's Ocean Edge Resort in Daytona Beach, when they were alerted the pool are was about to close. The father left to get all of their belongings, when both of the boys lowered themselves into the water.

"At the time, he left both children in the custody of the defendant who was seated at the table," the written statement regarding the charges read. "A short time later, he saw people jumping in the hot tub and exiting the water with the victim." A disturbing video of the incident, which can be seen above, was released by the authorities. The clip in question shows the two boys unsupervised. One of them went underwater and did not resurface, but thankfully the resort's desk clerk saw it unfold over surveillance cameras and alerted another staff member.

The three-year-old child was underwater for roughly two minutes when staff member Michael Johnson began performing CPR. Eventually another woman took over CPR and he began breathing again, and he was taken to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. "While people are attending to the victim, the defendant can be seen pacing the deck around the hot tub," the affidavit continued.

Connolly has been charged with child neglect and destroying/tampering of evidence. She reportedly threw something from her purse into a nearby trash can, with the affidavit stating, "the defendant began to laugh and stated, 'they must be looking for the blue pill I threw out.'" The pill was later found and submitted for testing, although she claimed she doesn't know what it was and simply threw it out after she was "nervous." 

Police stated that Connolly and the father both admitted to use of marijuana, alcohol, and oxycodone, while Connolly said she also took Suboxone.