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Disneyland Paris descended into hysteria on Saturday because of a number of loud banging sounds, which sparked fears of a possible terror-related attack. TMZ reports that it was quickly debunked when the cause of the noise was revealed to be a malfunctioning escalator, which led people to believe there was gunfire or explosions.

Video of panicked vistors fleeing the park and looking for cover started to surface on social media shortly after the initial reports. Firefighters helped evacuate some attendees and staff. However, police sources say that Disneyland officials and law enforcement got everything under control shortly after the initial chaos kicked off.

In a statement, Disneyland confirmed there was no threat to guests at the park on Saturday night, explaining it was "a false alarm."

The escalator in question was located at the train station just outside of the park. "It began working erratically, and casuing loud noises," a spokesperson for the station explained.