A customer at a New Jersey Walmart took staffers and shoppers by surprise when she burst into a random rampage that led to a hostage situation. 

According to the New York City's NBC affiliate, on Sunday, Feb. 3, while standing in the customer service line, a Bronx woman (now identified as Imani Jones) snapped and pepper sprayed four employees at a Walmart in North Bergen, New Jersey. Jones then attacked another shopper, slamming the victim's head into a wall. 

"I tried to cover my face and I felt a pull," the assaulted customer Carolyn Cuellar said. "And she yanked me and started hitting my head against the wall." 

Eventually, Cuellar was able to escape the crazed shopper. However, the incident was far from over. Jones shifted her focus from Cuellar to a Walmart employee. Using a knife, Jones closed herself and the employee into a package room. This is where she stayed until police arrived and were able to defuse the situation.

The nature of the situation has customers wondering what hindered the store's security from responding, leading Cuellar to ask "Why did they take so long?" To this, a Walmart spokesperson issued an apology while insisting that the safety of their customers and employees are their number one concern. 

It is still unknown what prompted the rampage, however, Jones is now being held in at the Hudson County jail on charges of weapons possession and aggravated assault.

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