Liam Neeson alarmed the entire world on Monday when he decided to share a bleak story from his past. The 66-year-old actor stated that he wished to "unleash physical violence on a random black man years ago after a friend revealed to him that she was raped by a black man. He said that he spent "maybe a week" hoping to kill any black man, convincing himself it was for revenge. The incredibly racist admission has already come under fire and been ridiculed, and now it's even been the subject of a joke on British TV.

As Metro reports, on Tuesday's episode of Good Morning Britain, one of the show's presenters decided it was time to joke about the story. Introducing a competition, Andi Peters ran towards the front door of a home. "I am the black man that everyone loves I hope, because I give away loads of money and I do it everyday but I am going to lock the front door just in case Liam Neeson's in the area."

Needless to say, the hosts of the show were taken aback by the joke and immediately burst into laughter. Neeson has already seen his story become the subject of many jokes on Twitter, with people finding his appearance on Good Morning America completely baffling. The actor claimed he eventually walked off the racism, or something.

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