A fisherman in Florida has a big fish story backed up by a police report after he pulled 60 pounds of cocaine out of the ocean. 

The angler noticed a package floating underneath a dock in Islamorada, Florida while he was on his way back in on Dec. 29, according to ABC News. He used a pole to fish it out and found a massive package believed to be cocaine. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office shared a statement noting that the package contained smaller, wrapped packages full of white powder. 

A wild sight, but 2018 was also a year that saw drugs smuggled via everything from furniture to bananas. That's Plan B if you can't find an airline worker and a roll of tape.

"The fisherman said he noticed something floating and used a gaff and a net to pull it out of the water," the sheriff's office said in a statement. "The outside plastic was ripped and he cut a corner, which revealed a white powder inside. ... The package contained 25 smaller packages wrapped in clear plastic."

The fisherman immediately turned over the package to the Coast Guard, who passed it on to the police. The package has since been turned over to federal authorities who are investigating its origin.