Criminals in Florida always appear to be so extra compared to the rest of North America, hence the infamous Florida Man meme which eventually manifested itself as a serial criminal in Donald Glover's Atlanta. But it would appear that a group of criminals, or at least one very dedicated individual criminal, has taken the proverbial 'Florida Man' cake, possibly digging a hole to a Chase bank in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

As 7 News Miami reports, the FBI was called in after a hole near a Chase bank was discovered close to a number of drive-thru ATMs. Sources close to the case say that the tunnel starts somewhere in a wooded area nearby, although they aren't completely confident it was being used to possibly access the bank from underground. The underground tunnel was first found after someone discovered a pothole on the road nearby, with Pembroke Pines police finding the source of the tunnel shortly after.

The tunnel officially reaches into the propety zone of the bank, which is why the FBI has started invesigating who might be behind the ambitious operation. The direction of the tunnel was headed directly towards the bank, too, meaning that whoever was behind it presumably knew where they were heading. The full extent of the tunnel has yet to be determined. It's still unclear what the potential criminal or criminals would have done when they reached the floor of the likely reinforced bank.

Keep doing you, Florida.

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