Though they're not yet able to connect to 5G networks, AT&T is still updating a trio of Samsung/LG smartphones to show 5G logos. This update affects the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, LG V30, or LG V40, and will show an icon that says "5G E" when those devices are connected to portions of the company's LTE network.

That additional 'E' is supposed to be your clue that the 5G claim is some bogus marketing jargon—it means "5G Evolution," according to The Verge. That extra (and intentionally smaller) letter is part of AT&T's effort to win the 5G wars before they really kick off later in the year. The portions of the company's network that support the slight upgrade will contain speed-boosting benefits that are faster than the standard 4G, but it's not something that hasn't already been put into effect by other carriers. The faster speeds are also not as awe-inspiring as one would probably deem necessary for a fancy re-brand, as they're reportedly similar to speeds you'd already get in a city from AT&T plus other carriers.

Additionally, the "5G E" icon is set to get more widespread: AT&T intends to add it to some unnamed phones by spring. At this point, the network is already available on 17 different phones and, within a few days, across 400 markets.