Antonin Scalia spent his entire career upholding ultra-conservatism, which explains Trump's fondness for the late Justice. However, in addition to Scalia's ideologies, Trump appears to be impressed by his virility. 

During the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony Friday, Trump posthumously awarded Antonin Scalia, the 79-year-old justice who passed away in 2016, with the highest civilian honor. While presenting the award to Antonin's widow, Maureen, Trump said she was “a great friend of my family and of myself.” During the presentation, however, the president seemed childishly humored when the nine Scalia children were mentioned by name—Ann, Eugene, John, Catherine, Mary, Paul, Matthew, Christopher and Margaret.  

Trump then decided to tease Maureen for the size of her family by saying, “You were very busy,” before adding, "Wow. Wow." In addition to being ultra-conservative, the Scalias are Catholic. The president ended his taunt by applauding Antonin, “I always knew I liked him,” he said. 

Some members of the audience seemed entertained by Trump's comments, while one woman visibly shoved her face into her palm. 

The president also awarded the Medal of Freedom to Elvis Presley, Babe Ruth, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Roger Staubach, Alan Page, and Miriam Adelson.