Donald Trump Jr. and CNN are going at it because the news network refused to air a campaign ad ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections. 

The ad directly compares the people that make up the migrant caravan heading through Mexico to escape turmoil in Honduras to convicted cop murderer Luis Bracamontes.

Don Jr. headed to Twitter to once again to criticize the news organization, sarcastically saying, "I guess they only run fake news and won’t talk about real threats that don’t suit their agenda."

CNN responded with everything short of an "@ us next time," calling the ad out for what it is. 

"CNN has made it abundantly clear in its editorial coverage that this ad is racist," the network's PR Twitter wrote. "When presented with an opportunity to be paid to take a version of this ad, we declined. Those are the facts."

And while we're talking facts, it's probably important to note that Bracamontes was deported twice under Republican and Democrat administrations. He was allowed to return the final time by the George W. Bush administration.

Correction: This article originally referred to President Donald Trump rather than Donald Trump Jr.

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